The Cauldryn Fyre Insulated Travel Mug Is The Common Ground Between Technology and Nature

Summer adventures are just beginning and Cauldyn’s insulated travel mug should be on the top of your packing list.

Keeping Technology Close

Hiking in the mountains is a sight to see. You venture out for a couple hours and finally, after that last exhausting stretch, you’re standing at the peak with views of connecting mountains and waterways wrapping around them like ribbons.

What’s the first thing you do? Take out your phone to capture a picture.

While it’s quite unhealthy to live through your phone, there is, in fact, a way for nature and technology to coexist. Having a multipurpose innovation like a Cauldryn travel mug is a prime example of why having technology with you on adventures can be such a necessity.


So, you’re hiking up a mountain, fall, and break your ankle. Your friend whips out a phone, but they used up all the battery life trying to take a good selfie to post on their Snapchat story. Now what?

Having a power source to charge your phone could save you from limping to find help. Cauldryn has a rechargeable battery USB port for your phone charger and other devices. Eventually your phone will die out in the wilderness, but if you have tool with the versatility of a Cauldryn you have a cushion to fall back-on in times of need – like sending a Snapchat. Just kidding.


Let’s start with water. You’ve spent the day hiking that peak and drank all your water bottles. Survival 101: don’t drink from a backwoods stream. Sure, you could boil water over a fire… or you could speed up the process by boiling it in a Cauldryn travel mug.

And then there’s food. Again, you could cook some fish over fire (after the hassle of catching and killing it) or use Cauldryn’s boil setting to cook up your favorite soup, vegetable, or even meat. Yeah, a steak and boiled potato dinner in the middle of the woods can be thing.

The Versatility of Cauldryn

Nature is no place to have your head stuck in a phone or rely on technology. We hike, camp, fish, and go on adventures to experience the natural beauty we often neglect throughout our busy days. But instead of viewing technology and the outdoors to be incompatible, we should take on a new perspective that suggests them to be complementary to one another.

About Cauldryn Fyre

The Cauldryn Fyre system will forever change the way you consume hot beverages. Using its revolutionary Fyre heating element, you now have the power to boil or brew liquids and maintain your favorite temperature all day with just the click of a button. The rechargeable battery is the only power you need to bring 32° F, liquid water to boil. With Cauldryn, a boil is just a click away. To learn more and to be added to our mailing list please visit

The Cauldryn Travel Mug Is The Key To Water Purification

Ever think an insulated travel mug would be a survival tool?

Watching Naked and Afraid or Survivor won’t make you a skilled survivalist. Sure, you may watch these kinds of shows enough to know the first things to do when you find yourself embracing nature are find a place to camp and make a fire before the sun goes down.

But if you were stranded in the wilderness, at what point does your mind begin to conflict with what you know vs. what you think you know?


As enticing as it may seem to kneel on the ground and scoop water from a river into your parched mouth, most of us know not to drink from a backwoods stream. Though, most of us think, “I need to boil the water for ten to twenty minutes before I can drink it.” Most of us are wrong.

Waterborne pathogens such as bacteria, protozoa, and viruses can be killed at high temperatures – but that doesn’t mean you need to bring the water to a rolling boil.

The Facts

Water boils at 212° Fahrenheit. However, according to the World Health Organization, pathogens can be killed or inactivated at a water temperature of 158° F in less than a minute.

It’s important to note that boiling temperatures change with altitude. The boiling point at sea level is 212° F, but if you’re at a height of 2,000 ft, the boiling temperature of water drops to 208.4° F. Therefore, the boiling point reduces as you get higher in altitude.

The Future of Survival

Whether it’s a camping trip or very unfortunate situation, people in the wilderness will probably use some sort of pot to purify water over a fire. Depending on how skilled you are in fire-starting and the amount of time it takes to heat the water, you’ll probably stay thirsty for a while.

With the Cauldryn travel mug, you can skip the hassle of over-the-fire cooking and purify water in moments. Setting it to level two will kill the pathogens at 160-170° F. Still don’t trust the facts? Bump it up to level three, four, or five if you want. Cauldryn can reach 212° at its maximum level to not only ensure sterilization, but also cook foods like soups, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, and vegetables.

So next time you find yourself in survival mode, know your facts from your myths. Having a Cauldryn might help, too.

Cauldryn is much more than an insulated travel mug, it is the ultimate electric water kettle. We are a coffee drinkers best friend and a travelers go-to tool. The possibilities with Cauldryn are endless! With the amount of Cauldyrn fans growing every day, we want to hear from all of you! To learn more about Cauldryn head to our website at