Cauldryn FAQ

How big is the battery?

The Mobile battery is 75.5 Watt Hours


What kind of battery is this?

Cauldryn uses a lithium ion battery.


Can I take this on a plane?

Always check with your airline for their specific regulations, but Cauldryn can typically be either carried on or checked when flying.


How many amps are the USB charging ports?

There is a 1 amp and a 2 amp USB charging port.


What kind of liquids can I use in my Cauldryn?

Liquids need to be thin for your Cauldryn to work properly (water, soup, etc).  Thick liquids (Honey, thick chili, etc) will not properly circulate, and may cause your Cauldryn to shut off before reaching your target temperature.


How long will the battery last?

Battery life is dependent on what features are being used and environmental conditions.  Under good conditions, you can expect two boils from a single charge, or all day operation at the lower temperature settings.


What kind of charger does Cauldryn use?

Cauldryn uses a proprietary charger.


Can Cauldryn be charged with solar?

In some cases, yes.  This depends on your solar equipment.


When I select my temperature in Maintain Mode all of the lights for below the temperature I selected come on for a couple of seconds then go off.  Is my Cauldryn broken?

No.  Your Cauldryn is doing exactly as it should.  This just means the liquid in your unit is hotter than the temperature you selected.  In order to conserve battery life, your Cauldryn goes to sleep when the liquid is at or above the temperature you selected.  Once the liquid cools below your selected temperature the bottle will kick back on to keep your drink right where you want it.  Open one of the drink spouts to speed the cooling process.