The Travel Mug That Brews Coffee AND Keeps It Hot All Day

Cauldryn introduces a smarter travel mug, Cauldryn Coffee

Introducing the Cauldryn Coffee

After becoming the first travel mug to boil water from a rechargable battery, we went back to the drawing board came back with a travel mug ready to do more. Introducing Cauldryn Coffee!

Cauldryn Coffee is a 16 oz. travel mug allowing, coffee, tea or any hot beverage enthusiasts the ability to maintain liquid temperatures for up to 10 hours. 

How it Works

The Cauldryn Coffee uses a battery, a thermostat, and a heating element to maintain your desired temperature and a temperature sensor inside the unit and constantly monitors your drink. Once the liquid starts to cool the heating element is engaged. The travel mug itself is vacuum insulated stainless steel to minimize heat loss. To adjust your Cauldryn you can manually press the buttons on the LCD screen to adjust the temperatures between 78°-212°F. You can also use the Cauldryn app to adjust the temperature of your beverage via a Bluetooth connection in the bottle.
Not only that, the Cauldryn Coffee will soon work in harmony with a line of Bluetooth connected add-ons! The Cauldryn® Coffee will launch to consumers online and in stores, August of 2018.
About Cauldryn: Cauldryn is much more than an insulated travel mug, it is the ultimate electric water kettle. We are a coffee drinkers best friend and a travelers go-to tool. The possibilities with Cauldryn are endless! With the amount of Cauldyrn fans growing every day, we want to hear from all of you! To learn more about Cauldryn head to our website at