The Cauldryn Is A Travel Mug That Boils Or Keeps Your Drink Warm Using The Fyre Heating Element

Some travel mugs aren’t fit for long days, but Rasp and Rivet summed it up perfectly – there’s hope. Our insulated travel mug is made to keep up with your day and keep your coffee hot. Check out the full review here to see what Rasp and Rivet had to say about the Cauldryn’s features and durability.

thermal mug

One of the greatest issues facing travel muggers is having to glug on glacial grog.

Coffee (or any other beverage) doesn’t stay warm forever, even if it’s kept in the world’s best travel mug.

I don’t mind cold coffee. I’ll lick a block of ice if it’s laced with coffee.

But for many coffee aficionados, the idea of drinking cold coffee is akin to drinking baby mice wine. It’s not going to happen.

If cold coffee gives you the chills and every travel mug you’ve tried leaves you dissatisfied, there’s hope.

Number 6 Brands has created a prototype travel mug that keeps your drink warm using an element.

It reminds of those USB cup warmers you plug into your computer, but more advanced.

I emailed Jason Shinn, co-founder of Number 6 Brands, to get more info on their product, which they call the Cauldryn. He was kind enough to answer.

Let’s take a look!

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