Cauldryn promises battery powered boiling in the wild, no flame required

What if there was a battery powered boiling travel mug to assist you on your next outdoor adventure?

Check out this review here or read below to see what New Atlas had to say about the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile. 

When you’re venturing into the wilderness, the ability to quickly boil water is convenient and, potentially, crucial for maintaining good hygiene. Although fire and a saucepan is one way to get your water bubbling away, a St Louis-based team has an alternative solution in the form of Cauldryn, a battery-powered mug.

thermal mug
Thermal Mug helps campers boil water

According to its creators, the secret to the Cauldryn’s on-the-go heating capability is the Fyre heating element, which attaches to the base of a vacuum-insulated 16-oz (473 ml) bottle, and can be set to four different temperatures: Hot (125-135° F/52-57° C), Extra Hot (160-170° F/71-77° C), Brew (195-205° F/91-96° C) and Boil (212° F/100° C).

In a time lapse video posted on the product’s crowdfunding page, it takes 18 minutes to turn ice blocks into boiling water. The more expensive Fyre Mobile is powered by a rechargeable battery good for two full boils, although it can also be powered using a DC wall plug. The base model doesn’t include a battery, but the mug’s modular nature allows one to be added later on.

Battery-powered mugs or flasks that keep beverages hot are nothing new, but being able to boil water is a handy step forward from what others like the Yecup offer. Launched last year, the Yecup is able to heat liquid to 158° F (70° C) and cool it to 50° F (10° C). Cauldryn says the vacuum-sealed design of its bottle also allows it to keep drinks cool, while the ability to boil water is a huge advantage.

At the moment, Cauldryn is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo, where it has raised more than 40 percent of its US$10,000 goal with 11 days remaining. Pledging $50 is enough to reserve a Cauldryn Fyre with no battery, while the Fyre Mobile sits at the $100 pledge level. Should the crowdfunding campaign be successful, deliveries are set to take place in October this year.

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